Winter Weather Prompts Meeting Cancellation with ODOT Workers

Several winter storms back to back have kept ODOT workers busy, and forced the cancellation of a couple of meetings with OPEA.

“It’s been very hard to schedule meetings with ODOT maintenance employees this winter,” said OPEA Membership Representative Rick Allen.
“I set a recent meeting for early one morning at 7 am, but the night before I received a call canceling the meeting due to winter weather.”

“We were on the job all night and all day the next day,” said ODOT’s Rick Huddleston. “We are the ones who keep the state moving while most Oklahomans are asleep. It’s what we do and most people don’t realize what would happen if we did not do our job.”

Meetings with ODOT will be rescheduled at a later date, Allen said.
“We all owe a debt of gratitude to ODOT and the men and women out there keeping our roads safe. I’m happy so many of them are dedicated OPEA members, and urge all state employees to support the Association.”

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