Woodward Office of Juvenile Affairs Chooses OPEA 100 Percent!

Attention! Attention! All Oklahoma State Employees need to be informed that the Office of Juvenile Affairs in Woodward recently attained 100 percent OPEA Membership at a luncheon held in their county office and OPEA was there to congratulate them and to tell them there will be a celebration! They decide what they want and where they want to have it!
“I want to congratulate and thank all of the staff at OJA in Woodward for choosing to be a part of such a great association as OPEA,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “We are proud to have each and every one of you as a member because it’s all of you whom make the difference. Clearly OJA showed that today,” Zearley said.
“Absolute fantastic day!” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “This is what it’s all about. Workers who are rallying to the cause by saying to themselves it’s not good enough to be less than perfect in membership. These ladies and gentleman of OJA get it! They understand the political dynamics from the ground (or should I say grassroots) up, to interfacing with the legislature,” Watkins said. “I believe wholeheartedly that if every county office of every state agency had every person in that particular office become an OPEA member like OJA did, we could literally shake the roof off the Capitol,” said Watkins.
OJA staff, not unlike other state workers, are under continuous stress with the jobs they perform and the tasks they manage on a daily basis. And they do it certainly not for the pay but because they are dedicated to the Oklahoma public- not unlike other state employees.
“I am a proud member of OPEA because I’ve seen the many successes this association has fought hard to obtain,” said County Director Jennie Small. “And I’m very pleased that my office is now 100 percent OPEA. I would like to see the rest of the OJA counties become full OPEA members as well. We could all make an impact if we just put forth the effort by becoming members,” Small said.
If you’d like to become 100 percent OPEA membership like the OJA in Woodward and decide to be proactive in determining your future compensation and benefits as an Oklahoma State Employee, then don’t hesitate by Joining OPEA Today! Contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 or visit us at our website at www.opea.org.
Let’s all get involved.

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