Work Center Meets to Resolve Issues, Hear Briefing

Idabel Community Work Center is closing the gap on being a 100% OPEA membership facility. The latest member Lieutenant Jackie McIntosh joined OPEA today. “We need help and I believe OPEA is the only association helping” said McIntosh. “Without OPEA where can we turn?”

Rick Allen, OPEA Membership Representative and Dan Reynolds, Executive Assistant of Community Corrections, met with Idabel Community Work Center (ICWC) staff in early July to talk about work-place issues and to give Mr. Reynolds an opportunity to update the staff on changes within the agency.

Reynolds started the meeting by acknowledging the tireless efforts the staff put forth every day. “I want you all to know how appreciated you are for what you do,” said Reynolds. “I know this can be a thankless job at times and it takes special kinds of people to do this type work.”

Reynolds explained a new series of officers the Department of Corrections (DOC) has developed. There are four uniform Chaplains now within the ranks of Correctional Officers (CO). These uniformed Chaplains are on call for all DOC staff. If the department has a crisis we can call upon our uniformed Chaplains to assist.

“These officers selected for this duty go thru a two day training class and are ordained minister,” said Reynolds.

“Mr. Reynolds, being the person he is, was reluctant to take credit for this outstanding turn of events” said Allen. “It was by chance that Mr. Reynolds came across this idea but it’s this kind of out of the box thinking that leads to enhancing work environments.”

“On behalf of OPEA and our members at Idabel, I want to thank Mr. Reynolds and the entire staff at the ICWC for what the do every day” said Allen. After 25 plus years of DOC service I know the battle they fight every day to keep Oklahomans safe. OPEA thanks you.”

Join OPEA today and join the ICWC staff in their efforts to bring change for state employees.

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