Members Submit Your Platform Planks for 2021!

OPEA’s platform serves as the basis for association activities and advocacy during the upcoming legislative session. Platform planks come from members and are discussed, amended, and approved at the OPEA Annual Convention and Delegate Assembly. When a member has a good idea about legislation that would improve state employment or retirement or one that might…

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Members, Consider Running in the 2021 OPEA Elections

OPEA is a grassroots association ran by Oklahoma State Employees. Every year OPEA hosts elections for board seats that are divided into geographic regions. This year region 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,  Retiree West and Region 10(Vacant) seats are up for elections. Region 5 that represents Oklahoma County has 3 seats up for election…

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Join OPEA – It’s important!

OPEA members join the association for various reasons. Some sign on to have someone in their corner during personnel actions. Others join because they want to make their job better, they k now OPEA is the only association working every day for state employees.. It is common, however, for members to say they joined OPEA…

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