Cherokee Health Department Excited about OPEA’s “New Day” Coming

The Cherokee Health Department in Tahlequah was the setting for a recent pizza lunch where participants joined in a discussion about OPEA’s proposed change to Geographic Representation structure.

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association has outlined a suggestion where there will be more interaction on the local level and board members will be elected to represent a specific region.

“The group had some wonderful questions,” said Membership Representative Reba Turner-Robinson. “They all took a vote and said ‘yeah, let’s do this!’”

Robinson explained that the board members have always given their time to this cause. Board Members are not paid. Only in recent years have they been reimbursed for the toll charges on the turnpikes and some reimbursement for the use of personal cars.

“Actually, before I retired, I made the suggestions that state employees who live out of the Oklahoma City area may be willing to serve as board members if they were compensated for the turnpike tolls and some gas mileage,” Robinson said.

“It seemed the consensus of opinion that of the 34,000 state employees, many have little knowledge of how the board functions. The time is right for more exposure. Board members make time for the Association and are the strength of its existence.

“Members are ready to make this change, realizing that it will take some dedication and commitment that others have been carrying on behalf of all state employees through the years. It’s a new day in OPEA,” Robinson said.

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