DOC Employees To Receive One-Time Stipend Payment

Today, the Oklahoma corrections board voted to approve a one-time payment to all employees at the Department of Corrections (DOC) to be paid out of the more than $10 million the agency received in September. Each employee who has worked for the agency for at least 6 months will receive a payment of $1,750. Employees who have been employed by DOC fewer than six months will receive their payment after their six month anniversary. Officials expect to make the lump-sum payment in November but each employee must have a current Performance Management Process before the payment can be made. The payment is subject to taxes.

OPEA appreciates the board and Dir. Allbaugh for recognizing the need to invest in DOC employees and taking this action. DOC, like all state agencies, has many needs and limited financial resources. There are many areas in the agency that could benefit from the $10 million but the board understands how crucial it is to work toward improving employee compensation. Even though this is a one-time payment, it will help offset rising insurance costs.  It is much appreciated by the men and women who help keep Oklahoma safe but It does not improve DOC workers’ pay in the long run.


When the legislature reconvenes in February, OPEA stands ready to work with DOC,  other state agencies and lawmakers to improve state employee compensation to implement a pay raise that is annualized. Oklahoma state employees’ pay has been neglected for too long and must be increased if we are to continue to provide core services and reduce agency turnover costs.


Thank you DOC board and Dir. Allbaugh  for taking this step and making your staff a top priority.


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