Hazardous Duty Employees in OPERS Pension To Remain Untouched

After discussions with OPEA, Rep. Randy McDaniel listened to our concerns and has agreed not to pursue, this year, reforms to modify the retirement system for hazardous duty OPERS members.

This includes correctional officers, probation and parole officers, DOC apprehension agents and OMD firefighters. There had been consideration to changing requirements for new employees in that retirement system.

Rep McDaniel told OPEA that he understood the pressure the employees of the Department of Corrections and other agencies’ employees in that retirement system are facing right now because of short staffing and low pay.

“I support state employees. Most do a commendable job, often without appreciation they deserve,” McDaniel said. “Those employees who are helping keep us safe by watching over offenders are already in positions that are short-staffed. We need to improve pay in order to hire qualified law enforcement and corrections professionals.


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