How Do I Get More Involved With OPEA?

I’m an OPEA Member, but how else can I help?

This is a common question our field staff encounters when speaking with state employees. This short article will give members actionable items and events. These activities shape our association’s goals, legislation, and outcomes. Never forget that OPEA is owned and operated by our state employee members. If you are unsatisfied with legislative outcomes or you don’t like the legislation we introduce. Get involved. The only way those things can change is by getting involved with OPEA and making your voice heard. OPEA is a democratic organization. Everything we do is voted on by our membership and/or our board of directors. No one person makes all of the decisions. This is your association.

Become a Worksite Representative

Our Worksite Representative program is a leadership development structure. We train you on how to be the best representative for OPEA in your workplace that you can. You will develop a relationship with your OPEA staff and get legislative updates before the general membership. If you are interested in learning more about the worksite rep program contact your membership representative or

Start an OPEA Chapter at your workplace

OPEA chapters are the best way to build our association’s power. Get a group of friends together and form an OPEA chapter at your workplace. It doesn’t have to be super formal, but having the structure in place facilitates growth. Our largest Chapter is currently COJC, OJA facility in Tecumseh. Every year they bring great ideas and the party to our Annual Convention. If you have questions about forming a chapter please contact

Board Elections

Think of board members like your elected member of the Statehouse or Senate. They are your voice on OPEA business and direction.

OPEA is a grassroots association run by Oklahoma State Employees. Every year OPEA Regional Director seats come up for election. The Regional Director seats are divided into geographic regions. This year OPEA State President, regions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and retiree east seats are up for election.

If you want to be more active in OPEA and take a more active role in improving state employment and retirement, you should consider running for an OPEA office.  The filing period is June 14th through June 27th at 5 PM. All offices up for election have a two-year term beginning January 1, 2023

OPEA State President is the face of our association. The buck stops with them. Our president does not represent a region, they represent our whole organization. The president shapes the future and direction of OPEA. The state president will interact with elected officials on the highest level of lobbying and advocacy for Oklahoma state employees. OPEA President chairs our regional director board meetings which occur 6-8 times a year, but they hold the power to call board meetings at their discretion. President is the highest power within OPEA.

For more info on board elections follow this link!

Platform Planks

Every piece of legislation OPEA brings to the state Capitol originated as an OPEA platform plank. This is how our members turn their ideas into reality. This year the submission window opens on July 5th and closes on July 22nd. Every plank is then introduced at OPEA convention to be discussed and amended. Once the business has concluded at the convention we will open online voting on the planks. ONLY OPEA MEMBERS CAN SUBMIT PLANKS. STAFF CAN NOT SUBMIT, AMEND, OR DEBATE PLANKS.

Annual Convention

Each year we host the Annual Convention. This year the convention is in OKC on August 26th and 27th! The convention is how we plan our goals for the upcoming year and legislative session, Every OPEA should make an effort to attend the OPEA convention. If you are unsatisfied with State Employee compensation, working conditions, or policies take one Saturday a year to be a part of the conversation on how to improve the problems.

For more info on the OPEA Annual Convention follow this link!

But how do I keep up with all of these dates?

Get on the OPEA website and sync our digital calendar with your personal or work account. This will add the upcoming OPEA events in a place that is easy for you to find.

  1. Follow this link to sync with the OPEA Calendar
  2. Once on our events page scroll to the bottom of the page and click “subscribe to calendar”. It will offer you 3 options. If you use Apple products click I calendar if you use android products click Google Calendar.  

3. Once you selected the calendar type that app will prompt you on how to proceed. I encourage everyone to resync your calendar every 6 months or so to make sure everything is still working properly and you are still getting the most up-to-date information from your association.

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