How does the OPEAPAC decide who to endorse?

What is OPEAPAC?

It is the Oklahoma Public Employee Association Political Action Committee. The OPEAPAC Trustee Board does not govern or coordinate with the OPEA’s Board of Directors. They are a separate sister organization from OPEA that determines endorsements and political campaign contributions in the best interest of Oklahoma State Employees. OPEAPAC is governed by a 9-member Board all of which are OPEA members. OPEA members have the option to donate money to the PAC. You choose whether to donate when you join OPEA. If you do not donate to the PAC none of your money can be spent on political action such as endorsement, donations, or electioneering.


Sharita Ramsey – Tax Commission – Chair

Jess Callahan – Department of Human Services – Vice Chair

Connie Stockton – Retired Department of Tourism – Secretary/Treasurer

Tricia Parker -Retired Employees Group Insurance Division

Mike Rogers – Department of Corrections

Lynn Hodges – Retired Department of Health

Pat Hall – Previous OPEA Executive Director

Lew Logan- Retired Department of Tourism

One Vacancy

If you would like to contact an OPEAPAC Board member please reach out to your OPEA membership representative!

How do I know if I donate to OPEAPAC?

When you joined OPEA you had the option to join OPEAPAC on the membership application. You can add or drop your PAC donation status at any time. If you don’t know your OPEAPAC donor status please email Candice Steele at

How does the OPEAPAC decide who to endorse?

Most political action committees(PAC) are partisan which means they only support Democrats or Republicans. However, The OPEAPAC is a nonpartisan organization. The OPEAPAC Trustees members must ignore any political issue other than state employee issues when determining endorsements. The OPEAPAC is tasked with determining who is the best choice to advance state employee issues with the current makeup of Oklahoma Leadership.

Each PAC trustee comes into the election cycle with personal bias so how do you remove partisanship and bias from OPEAPAC endorsements? OPEAPAC board decided the only fair way to evaluate candidates is by prioritizing each incumbent candidates voting record on OPEA-supported legislation. If the current incumbent is not an ally of Oklahoma State employees the PAC Board interviews & researches other candidates to determine who is the best person to advance state employee issues. Each OPEAPAC Board member must put aside political parties, social issues, and economic policy. They must only consider advancing the interest of Oklahoma state employees. If you’re an OPEAPAC donor remember that OPEAPAC’s goal is to improve state employment.


Find our list of 2022 general election endorsed candidates here!


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