What is OPEAPAC?

OPEAPAC, or the OKLAHOMA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, is the political arm of OPEA and is a subsidiary body of the Association with its own trust agreement and Board of Trustees. It was established to educate OPEA members about candidates for public office, endorse candidates who support state employee issues, and raise funds that may be contributed to campaigns. OPEAPAC has the ability to endorse candidates for public office. When talking about OPEAPAC, four important points to remember are as follows:

  • Every OPEA member may participate in OPEAPAC activities and is encouraged to do so.
  • Contributions to OPEAPAC by members are strictly voluntary.
  • By law, no OPEA funds may be used for political purposes.
  • Contributions to OPEAPAC may be used to support endorsed candidates or to send Association representatives to political functions.

What does OPEAPAC do?

OPEAPAC has four main functions:

  1. To raise money.
  2. To endorse candidates.
  3. To provide educational training for OPEA members.
  4. To build strong allies in the state legislature.

Want to join OPEAPAC?

OPEA members may designate a portion ($2,25) of their dues to OPEAPAC when they first join or at anytime during their membership. Please call Nancy Hughes at 1-800-880-6732 to verify your participation in OPEAPAC or to begin your participation today!