McAlester DHS Employees Join OPEA

“OPEA member Christopher Comer doesn’t wait for us to contact him for a recruiting meeting,” said Membership Representative Rick Allen. “Chris calls OPEA. “Not only did Chris make arrangements for his office, but also made contact for the DHS Warehouse employees. Chris is a very motivated OPEA member.”

Comer, meanwhile, says he believes 100 percent in OPEA’s mission.
“We have to join OPEA and build a stronger more united association,” said Comer. “My wife Lisa has returned to state employment and is re-joining OPEA. This office wants to start a chapter that will encourage all state offices in this area to join OPEA. One goal is to make state agencies more economically efficient.

“Let’s get rid of the fat. State employees must engage state legislator for support. This office has what we believe to be some of the most dedicated employees. As a group we are dedicating ourselves to making OPEA the tool state employees will utilize to build a better tomorrow,” Comer said.

New member Amanda Hoffman joined recently, as well. “The more who join OPEA means there is a bigger voice for state employees,” Hoffman said.

Another new member Joe Glover stated: “I joined OPEA for the protection that OPEA brings in my job and benefits.”

Steven Ratliff who also joined the ranks of OPEA says: “United we stand and divided we fall. Times are hard and are going to get harder. We have to stand together.”

New OPEA member Diana McFarland said: “I have been talking with my co-workers about OPEA and it convinced me to join today. I don’t understand why all state employees don’t join.”

“Economic hardships are upon state employees. OPEA is the only association state employees have working to save jobs and benefits. For what ever reason you have not joined OPEA there are even more reasons why you should.
Join OPEA today. Time is not on your side,” Allen said.

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