Membership Reps Undergo Extensive Training

Membership Representatives of the Oklahoma Public Employees Association recently attended a two day training session on field organizing. The training, taught by members of the OPEA staff as well as several outside experts focused on organizing state employees for success in difficult circumstances.

OPEA Deputy Director Scott Barger, who led the training, described it as quick and useful.

“Our staff underwent a one-week training course in a matter of two days,” Barger said. “We focused on the basic elements of organizing state employees such as one-on-one communications skills, leader identification, issue resolution and several other areas that are necessary to help state employees gain confidence in utilizing the political process to enhance their work and home lives.”

Barger described the OPEA membership representatives’ job as the most difficult in the association. “Our membership representatives have the job of traveling the state, talking to state employees, encouraging them to get involved in OPEA, and teaching them to utilize the power they truley have,” said Barger. “It involves long hours and a person that is passionate about uniting state employees.”

The staff training culminated with the membership representatives giving their presentation to staff, guests and several legislators. “Our staff members gave professional presentations under some stress from their peer group,” said Barger. “OPEA members will be proud of their staff and the time and effort they have put into improving our material.”

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