New and Improved: OPEA Election Site

As state employees continue to focus their attention on the election cycle, OPEA continues to improve its political website and communication tools.

“We have found members are really taking advantage of the political portion of our website,” said OPEAPAC Director, Scott Barger. “Many state employees are interested in OPEA-endorsed candidates as well as the voting record of legislators on state employee issues. OPEA’s website has it all and more,” Barger said.

“As someone who has been utilizing grassroots tools for over a decade, our website is one of the best values out there. OPEA has seen an extraordinary expansion of state employee involvement in this election cycle and that has produced more contacts with legislators and candidates who are trying to court state employee voters,” Barger added.

Barger points to the new layout of the political action site. “Just click on the VOTE button on the front page of the website and you will be taken to the latest OPEA-endorsed candidates. You can look at their bio page, contact information and voting records by tabbing through their file. There is no other organization representing state employee in Oklahoma that has more information on state and national elections than we do.”

OPEA’s site is chock full of charts and graphs documenting a legislator’s voting record on issues from COLA to how they voted on some tax cuts. Also included is the contact information for each candidate.
“State employees can email and ask questions about positions or volunteer for candidates all through this website,” Barger said.

“Take advantage of this website and turn your coworkers on to it,” said Barger. “It is a service our members are providing free to all employees at the current time, but plans are quickly being implemented to close the entire website to members only. ”

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