October 2019 The Advocate is Now Available

OPEA has just published its October 2019 edition of The Advocate online. This is the first edition that will be published exclusively in an electronic format. By publishing electronically, OPEA saves thousands of dollars in  printing, sorting and mailing costs. We will still provide information about association events, legislative alerts and other topics of interest to our members.

As we get closer to the legislative session, we will be providing more updates about capitol happenings.  You can always check here on our website or our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We’re always available to our members via email or by telephone If we can help you with work-related issues or have questions about state employment, retirement or legislation, don’t hesitate to telephone us at (405) 524-6764. If you would like to have OPEA host a meeting at your work site, please let us know. We will do our best to come visit with you and your coworkers.


Thank you for being an OPEA member.

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