OESC Spins and Wins With Many New Members

OPEA held a luncheon recently at the OESC Call Center in Shepherd Mall to discuss what OPEA is currently doing for state employees. Many of those in attendance decided to join, stand, and fight as OPEA Members. OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins was the presenter and spoke about the history of OPEA, current projects, and plans for the future. In addition, new members had the opportunity to “spin to win” for cash and prizes.
“I was really pleased with the turnout,” Watkins said. “I estimate most of the office attended the luncheon with the majority already being members and showing their support. The others whom attended also enjoyed eating pizza, hearing about state employee issues, and spinning the wheel immediately after signing up to be an OPEA Member. I really had a good time meeting and talking to the people at OESC. I think everyone really enjoyed it.”
OESC state employee and long-time OPEA Member Angie LaBlue was instrumental in coordinating the lunch. “I really believe in what OPEA stands for and what they do for state employees,” said LaBlue. “There seemed to be an air of camaraderie today. It was quite remarkable. The atmosphere was relaxed and people were coming into the break room and filling their plates as I was speaking. People were joining left and right. This is the quintessential example of what we need in all state offices. Kudos to the members who share their OPEA experiences with non-members in the office! This OESC call center staff gets it! And that it’s up to the members to be the engine that drives OPEA’s success at the Capitol,” said Watkins.
Another OESC state employee and long time member Brenda Been was very supportive during the lunch meeting and contributed her opinion of OPEA’s highly successful history of passing bills for state workers. “I consider the victory over HB 3108 to be a huge success this year. That alone should be worth any state employee joining OPEA,” said Been.
OPEA Board Member and Health Choice Expert Forrest Rush attended the lunch meeting and shared his knowledge and experience of health insurance. As new members joined, they were treated to the opportunity to spin the new OPEA prize wheel. “The prize wheel not only has prizes, but cash on it as well. Not to mention every one always wins something, which makes it fun!” said Rush.
If anyone is interested in joining OPEA please contact OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins directly, visit our website at www.opea.org where you can join, or speak with a member in your office about how OPEA works for you as a state employee.

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