OPEA Board Seats & President’s Office to be Filled by Nominees


OPEA’s election chairperson, Lydia Hilton has certified that the following nominees meet the criteria to serve in the office for which they have filed in the 2020 OPEA elections.

  • President: Rita Heath (ODOT)
  • Region 2: Hank Swearengin (DMHSAS)
  • Region 4: Weslie Elliott( OSDH)
  • Region 6: Wally Ogunoiki (OJA) & Eldon Johnson (DPS)
  • Region 8: Becky Laipple (DHS)
  • Region 10: Greg Stockton (DOC)
  • Retiree East : Don Keenan (Retired)

Since none of this year’s races drew more candidates than the number of seats up for election this year. Per OPEA election rules, each of the nominees will automatically be appointed to the position and will take office on January 1, 2021 for a two year term. All of the office holders, except Region Four’s Weslie Elliott, are incumbents.

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