OPEA Member Receives Commendation from OKDHS Commission

Long-time OPEA member Rhonda James received a special commendation this week from the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services for her outstanding service to the state.

“Our state employees work long hours and are often under-paid,” said OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “That’s why special awards like this are so meaningful to our members, because it shows their work is valued and appreciated.”

James is a health care management nurse in Sequoyah County, and has worked for the DHS for nearly 10 years.

On September 15, 2008, an OKDHS co-worker came to James for assistance with a client who had become ill. When James arrived in the interview room, the client’s blood pressure was extremely high. The client was experiencing discomfort in her neck and left arm, her pulse was racing and she was having visual changes. James, believing the client was having a heart attack, assisted the client with emergency medical services. The woman received the medical care she needed, due to the prompt attention she received from James.

The special commendation was presented Tuesday during the Commission’s monthly meeting in Oklahoma City.

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