OPEA Receives Commendation Letters for Helping End Budget Dispute

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association has received two letters of commendation from the Speaker of the House and the Senate President Pro Tempore. The letters stem from OPEA’s leadership in helping resolve a recent two-day budget dispute on HB 2435. The bill gives supplemental funding to the DOC and DPS to eliminate furloughs that would have taken effect later this fiscal year. If this bill would not have passed, DOC and DPS employees would have faced 10-13 furlough days from April through June.

“OPEA was involved in some rather lengthy discussions,” said Executive Director Sterling Zearley. “Ultimately we were successful in helping resolve the budget stalemate and keep our dedicated DOC and Public Safety employees on the job. Our legislators trust OPEA and listened to what we had to say, and we appreciate their swift action.”

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