OPEA Surprises Enid ODOT Maintenance

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association recently made a surprise visit to the ODOT Maintenance Barn in Enid to say hello, congratulate them on what a fine job they’re doing and give them lunch. Several employees joined OPEA on the spot.
“I just stopped by to thank them and bring them some food, and what I thought would be a quick ‘hello’ turned out to be one the best experiences I’ve had with workers since I’ve been on staff with OPEA,” said Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “I got the opportunity to meet everyone and to speak to them about the benefits of becoming an OPEA member. They listened to what I had to say and acted upon it by joining the association. I’m astounded by the numbers of people who joined today! I estimate 98 percent of the workers from this barn are now proud OPEA members!” Watkins said.
And still better yet the workers now feel more connected with the Capitol by becoming members. OPEA explained to them that they (nor anyone else) living outside of the metro Oklahoma City area should feel disconnected from the Capitol just because they are at a geographical disadvantage. OPEA encouraged them that by joining the only association who consistently works for them, they have the right connection to the Capitol and they now have a say in the events going on there.
OPEA would like to congratulate the following hard working state employees for becoming members and thank them for all of their efforts in state service: Holle LaMunyon, Michael Rogers, Jerry Alberson, Jose Monge, John Seaman, Jerry Wood, and Casey Wilkerson.
If you are a state employee and also want your voice heard at the capitol, then it’s time to join your coworkers in order to have the biggest and loudest voice possible. Join OPEA and have your voice heard! For more information about becoming a member please visit our website at www.opea.org or contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 ext. 208.

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