OPEA Update – Covid 19 and “Vulnerable Individual”

If you are a person who may be categorized as a “Vulnerable Individual” and you are still at work, you may want to request leave and go home. Gov. Stitt’s recent order requires Vulnerable Individuals to remain at home with some exceptions.

Even if you work in an area of “critical infrastructure”, if you are a Vulnerable Individual you may request leave.

Submit any leave requests you have in writing so the request can be documented. Also, ask your physician for a letter documenting your health conditions.

You will find the Safer at Home order here 

You will find federal Homeland Security guidance on Critical Infrastructure here.

OPEA staff spoke with our General Council about Gov. Stitt’s recent “Safer at Home” provision about persons over age 65 and “Vulnerable Individuals” staying at home.

Section 17 of the order says:

“Adults over the age of sixty five (65) and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions, collectively referred to as “Vulnerable Individuals” shall stay in their home or place of residence except for working in a critical infrastructure, as more particularly defined herien, and the conduct of essential errands.”

The bottom line is if you believe your health condition puts you at risk, request to be sent home regardless of your position. Make that request in writing and submit a Dr. note as necessary.

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