OPEAPAC Primary Candidate Endorsements! Vote on June 28th!

June 28th is the Primary election day across Oklahoma. The following candidates have been endorsed in their primary campaign by the Oklahoma Public Employees Association Political Action Committee (OPEAPAC)

To determine if your district has a primary election follow this link to the State Voter Portal

How does OPEAPAC decide who to endorse?

OPEAPAC endorses incumbent candidates based on their voting record. In order to earn an OPEA endorsement incumbents must vote in favor of OPEA legislation and vote against legislation that harms Oklahoma state employees. New candidates interview with the OPEAPAC Board to determine their views and values regarding state employee issues. OPEA & OPEAPAC are nonpartisan organizations. We do not consider political parties when endorsing candidates. If you have any questions about OPEAPAC endorsements please contact chancenf@opea.org

Statewide Primary Endorsements

Oklahoma House of Representatives Primary Endorsements

Oklahoma State Senate Primary Endorsements

Keith Barenburg is a current Oklahoma state employee

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