OPEA’s Legislative Reception

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association & the Oklahoma Public Employees Associations Political Action Committee hosted our legislative reception on Tuesday, February 15th. The legislative reception was a great opportunity for elected state leaders to meet OPEA’s Regional Directors and our PAC Board.

OPEA’s Executive Director Sterling Zearley kicked off the reception with remarks and introductions.


OPEA’s leadership spoke with state elected officials about what they do for the state and how to improve Oklahoma State employment. OPEA leadership and staff have worked for years to develop working relationships with elected officials to improve Oklahoma State employment. Senator Paul Rosino was our second speaker of the evening. Senator Rosiono was filling in for Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat. Senator Rosino spoke about the importance of Oklahoma State Employees. Senator Rosino has authored many bills supported by OPEA and has been a longtime state employee advocate.



Through the work of relationship building and lobbying, OPEA has been recognized as an important stakeholder in state employee policy. OPEA has built these relationships to guarantee state employees have a seat at the “Decision-making table”. This diligent work has positioned OPEA to be the first checkpoint for any policy impacting Oklahoma state employees. This has allowed OPEA to easily defend state employee benefits and for the first time in decades, state employees are now positioned to ask for more from the state legislature. House Speaker Charles McCall spoke third. Speaker McCall has been a fierce advocate for Oklahoma State Employees. He continues to work with OPEA by preventing bills harmful to Oklahoma State employees and advocating for legislation to help state employees pass the House of Representatives.


The final speaker of the night was Governor Kevin Stitt. Last legislative session Governor Stitt signed eight OPEA bills into law. In his speech, he detailed his continuing support of Oklahoma State Employees. He thanked state employees for the selfless work performed through the pandemic and personally thanked those in attendance.


Thank you to all State elected officials who attended. OPEA extends a special thank you to our speakers Governor Kevin Stitt, Senator Rosino Filling in for Senate Pro Tem Treat, and House Speaker Charles McCall for attending our legislative reception.

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