Payne County Chapter Commits to Pressing Forward

OPEA held a luncheon recently at Stillwater’s Department of Human Services to help strategize chapter plans for the months ahead and support their commitment to their chapter goals.

The Payne County Chapter is one of OPEA’s strongest chapters with President Richard Birdwell, Vice President Mike Williams, Secretary Chloe Robinson, and Treasurer Lorene Ropers as the officers leading the group.

“Payne County is blessed to have a great group of hard working, team oriented people,” said OKDHS Supervisor and OPEA Payne County Chapter President Richard Birdwell. “We do our best each day to serve the public in a timely and efficient manner. We have begun the process of developing our OPEA chapter into a unified and active chapter and I feel very confident we can identify our goals and visions for our Chapter so we will have a positive and effective impact on our local and state legislative representatives. A vision, with established goals and a group of hard working, dedicated people is a sure formula for success,” said Birdwell.

“I believe the Payne County OKDHS OPEA chapter will become much more active and be a strong voice for State employees in our area,” said OKDHS worker and OPEA Payne County Chapter Treasurer Lorene Ropers.

“It’s certainly exciting for me to be able to see the Payne County Chapter grow in activity and involvement through watching them envision their goals, plan their strategy, and eventually implement their goals to successful fruition,” said OPEA Membership Representative Brandon Watkins. “I look forward to seeing them become a linchpin to OPEA’s chapter arsenal.”

If you are a state employee and want your voice heard at the Capitol, then it’s time to join your coworkers in order to have the biggest and loudest voice possible. For more information about becoming a member please visit our website at or contact Brandon Watkins at (405) 524-6764 ext. 208.

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