Pink Slips in Michigan

Michigan’s governor says slashing 1,500 state workers is the only way to balance the budget. Michigan is facing a $670 million dollar shortfall in their budget.

“The unions in Michigan have not been successful in holding the line on state employee concessions in that state,” said OPEA Deputy Director Scott Barger. “They have given up over $200 million dollars and are looking at $50 million more.”

OPEA reports that many of the cuts are coming in Corrections. “The governor is cutting correctional employees while also lobbying to release more prisons early to save additional funds,” said Barger. “It is a sobering reminder of the cuts Oklahoma experienced in 2002-2003 where close to 1,200 state employees were lost.”

OPEA continues to monitor key legislation and budget developments each and everyday at the Capitol. “We are the only organization that has state employees covered at the Capitol everyday,” said Barger. To learn the latest developments, go to or listen to the Break Room podcast each Thursday afternoon.

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