OPEA Platform Plank Voting Begins Monday, July 20th

OPEA members will have an opportunity to vote on three potential platform planks beginning Monday, July 20. The election will be conducted on OPEA’s website, www.opea.org. Our platform contains planks approved by membership and is OPEA’s agenda for the following legislative session. Because of the COVID 19 situation, OPEA is using the online voting this year instead of voting at our annual convention and delegate assembly which has been cancelled this year. The three platform  planks, submitted by members, to be voted on are:

  •  Setting up a yearly stipend for state employees that are teleworking that will be used for office supplies, internet, and other related expenses (Submitted by member Courtney Fox)
  • Return to legislative and executive appointments of boards and commissions that provide oversight of state agencies. (Submitted by member Tim Harriet)
  • Update RIF/Severance requirements for classified and unclassified state employees who have lost their positions due to restructuring or lack of cause. (Submitted by member Ghezal Pitt)

Planks  approved by our members will be added to the planks already approved by OPEA’s Board of Directors in June. The board approved those planks as “carryover” planks from 2019. You can find those planks on our website.

By voting on platform planks, OPEA members are participating on one of the aspects that makes OPEA a member-driven organization. Members dictate what issues OPEA leadership and staff should be working on to improve state employment and retirement. Thank you to members who have sent in platform planks and also to those who take time to vote. If you have any questions, please send us an email or call our office at (405) 524-6764.




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