Remember To VOTE on Tuesday

OPEA hopes you take time to vote on Tuesday. You can find the list of OPEA endorsed candidates elsewhere on this site. OMES has made available the rules for taking time off from work to vote. If you are a state employee, be sure to visit with your supervisor about taking time off to vote.

Here are the rules as they pertain to requesting time off to vote.

Every corporation, firm, association or individual hereinafter referred to as “employer” who, on election day, has a registered voter employed or in his service, shall grant the employee two (2) hours of time during the period when the election is open in which to vote, and if such employee be in the county or at such distance from the voting place that more than two (2) hours are required in which to attend such elections, then the employee shall be allowed a sufficient time in which to cast a ballot.

No such employee shall be entitled to such time to vote unless the employee notifies orally or in writing an employer’s representative of the employee’s intention to be absent, on the day preceding the election day. Upon proof of voting, such employee shall not be subject to any loss of compensation or other penalty for such absence.

Such employer shall select the hours which such employees are to be allowed in which to attend such elections, and shall notify each of the employees which hours they are to have in which to vote.

This section shall not apply to an employee whose work day begins three (3) hours or more subsequent to the time of opening of the polls, or ends three (3) hours or more prior to the time of closing the polls.
The employer may change the work hours to allow such three (3) hours before the beginning of work or after the work hours.

Any employer who fails to comply with this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) nor more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

Please refer all questions to one of the following OMES Staff.

Jake Smith –
Deanna Ferron –
LaCree Austin –
Jevon Doolin –

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