Retirees: Come To The Capitol

OPEA members will go to the capitol to speak with key representatives to gain support for House Bill 2839 and House Bill 2846 which will make it possible for retirees to get a cost of living raise when certain conditions are reached.

These bills are eligible to be heard by the House Business, Labor & Retirement Laws Committee and we want to make sure representatives are fully educated about the bills. Retired state employees have not had a raise in their pensions in eight years and this an opportunity to change that.

OPEA’s plan, if passed, would create an opportunity for COLAs that would not be paid for out of the general revenue fund, would only be paid when the retirement plan was well-funded and only when the plan’s investments are doing well. This protects the future of the retirement system while still providing a way for COLAs to be given.

Tuesday, we will meet at OPEA at 11:30 for lunch (provided by OPEA) and discussion. We will then go to the capitol to meet with lawmakers in small groups to educate them and gain their support.

OPEA staff and retiree leadership will be on hand to help. To RSVP, please email or call 524-6764. We look forward to seeing you there

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