Susan Adams Chosen 2016 OPEA Retiree of the Year

Susan Adams was selected as the 2016 Past Presidents’ Retiree of the Year recipient and was honored at this year’s annual convention held in August. Susan was an active OPEA member when she worked for the Department of Corrections and she has continued to work on OPEA’s behalf since her retirement.  She has been a tremendous help to the association by donating both her time and resource.  She has come to the OPEA office to assist staff with organizing files, sorting paperwork and shredding old files. Her willingness to assist with these office management is especially helpful to the association given the small number of staff.


susan adams convention award web II

Past Presidents Dixie Jackson, Connie Stockon, Award Winner Susan Adams, OPEA President Jess Callahan, Past Presidents Steve Paris and Don Keenan

Also, when called upon, she has come to the office to call members about legislative meetings to make sure there is a good turnout. At legislative or district meetings, she is always there to help in any way she can. She is not there just attending the meeting, Susan is there helping and supporting our association to carry OPEA’s message forward.

At OPEA Day at the Capitol, whether OPEA is working on behalf of retirees or state employee members, Susan is there to work and support the mission. OPEA president Jess Callahan said that technically, Susan is a “retired” member, but as demonstrated by her work and commitment to OPEA, that she remains very “active” in OPEA

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